Take Action Now to Oppose SoccerCity

Join the growing number of San Diego taxpayers, community planners, local businesses and community advocates who oppose FS Investors’ SoccerCity proposal to redevelop the Qualcomm Stadium site. FS Investors is side-stepping the traditional environmental analysis, which poses serious traffic problems in Mission Valley and doesn’t provide a realistic solution. What’s more, they prepared the ballot initiative with ZERO public input, and it doesn’t meet the needs of longstanding community partners like SDSU.

The Qualcomm Stadium site is a vital public asset, and its redevelopment will impact San Diego, for better or worse, for decades to come. We deserve the chance to give our feedback and identify the best project for San Diego. We want an open, transparent and competitive process for redevelopment of the Qualcomm Stadium site. We believe that competition is always better, and there is no reason to rush a flawed measure.

Please let the Mayor and City Councilmembers know you oppose SoccerCity and want a competitive redevelopment process that lets the public’s voice be heard.