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Taxpayers lose with SoccerCity proposal

May 26th, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune

The 166-acre site occupied by Qualcomm Stadium, and the associated 50-acre Chargers training facility, are some of the city's most valuable publicly owned assets. Development of these properties should maximize returns and benefits for San Diego taxpayers and San Diego's future, not just for a private investment group.

SDSU alumni presidents oppose SoccerCity

May 23rd, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego State University alumni past-presidents council came out against the $4 billion SoccerCity proposal at Qualcomm Stadium on Tuesday, saying it would not serve the university's long-term interests.
The 41-member group with 30 participating voted 28-1 with one abstention to oppose any plan that doesn't meet the needs of Aztec football and and campus expansion.

Time for SDSU, SoccerCity folks to swap roles

May 22nd, 2017

San Diego Union Tribune

SoccerCity issues the same siren call as the Chargers initiative. Come get your free lunch, San Diego. San Diegans said no to the Chargers initiative of Dean Spanos.
If San Diegans once again put on their thinking caps, I don't like SoccerCity's chances of winning a public vote, either. Extra large caps, that is. For this slick land-use plan is a brain grind in its complexity. And, oddly, the ongoing attempt to ram it home isn't easily appreciated for its obnoxiousness.